CitizensFirst Credit Union


After undertaking a complete repositioning of their brand, they needed a complete overhaul of their website to continue functioning as a day-to-day communication tool for its members. More importantly, it had to be a vehicle of their new brand message—just as their in-branch experience changed, their new website had to feel like their new brand position.

Working directly with the Vice President of Marketing, the entire website was restructured. Member-facing products and services were reorganized to be faster to navigate and easier to locate desired information. On the new site, all information relating to a single product—including rates and disclaimers—would be found in a single location. Imagine that. All of this was made possible while substantially automating publishing of rates, drastically reducing website maintenance.

CitizensFirst Credit Union has since merged with Lakeview and Best Advantage Credit Unions to form Verve – a CU.

  • Agency: Ark Media Group
  • Design: Michael R Johnson
  • Development: Dave Krause
  • Copywriting: Patti Purcell